247 Virtual Tours:

Would you like to increase your sales? Would you like to showcase your property online, sell a house, market a hotel or tourist  destination? 247 Virtual Reality is a technology base ser-vice that specializes in bringing the physical space of a building and other products online, resulting in 247 immersive virtual tours. Online marketing has gone a notch higher in Afghanistan. Virtual tour marketing is the new online marketing. At 247 Virtual Reality, we create and develop interactive virtual tours that will definitely blow your mind! To have a competitive edge, you need a virtual so that you can market your property online, such as office, house, hotel, tourist attraction site, and many more. Our virtual tours are interactive and eye-catching. Complete with a voice-over, they persuade your potential clients and emotionally connect with them to result into a sale.

What is a virtual tour?

  • A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of video or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. It is distinguished from the use of live television to effect
    tele-tourism. A Virtual tour is the simulation of a certain environment online. It will allow the end user to take a virtual tour of your establishment from anywhere in the world. “User Friendly” links and maps built into the Virtual Tour makes it easy for users to navigate their way around your venue and see just how amazing it is and what the venue has to offer.
    Ten Reasons why you should choose 247 Virtual Reality
    1. An attractive graphical interface with all the tours and submenu tours.
    2. An interactive tour with navigational icons to help users navigate.
    3. Day and night tour feature for users to view both scenarios of the premise.
    4. Social media icons integration to interact with on social media
    5. A mobile interface that is easy to use on mobile devices and tablets.
    6. An auto tour feature that enables users to view the entire premise. The auto tour can
    be paused and played
    7. A map that shows the exact location of the property.
    8. A full-page expandable and shrinkable virtual tour complete with a voice-over/music.
    9. Information icons that describe each scene.
    10. We have an online portal www.scsaf.com/247vt where you will get traffic bookings

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Below are fun and money facts about the 247 virtual tours:
1. Increased revenue as virtual tours emotionally connect with your clients
2. The virtual tours can be used on various platforms such as websites and TV screens for launches
3. Virtual tours give tourists a “WOW” effect and will greatly impress users.
4. Visual documentation of projects.
5. It is the perfect self-explanatory and showcasing tool for different projects.
6. Virtual tours give confidence to clients, as they will be able to view the places being showcased before actually visiting them.
7. A compelling use of virtual technology will keep visitors on your website, and will also keep them coming back as 75% of those surveyed, visited 3 to 4 web sites before making their choice.
8. 80% of consumers search for information online, thus easy decision-making in choosing or convincing users
9. Easier promotion of cultural and heritage tourism, general tourism, more sales for hotels, real estate
10. Virtual tours can be used to attract more investors as they are able so view investment opportunities