Professional Photography

Photography is in our DNA. At Smart City Solution ICT, we are very passionate about what we do. We dedicate tine and ensure that
everything is in place before we start taking photos. As the interior photography experts in Afghanistan, we shoot till you are satisfied.
Attention to detail is our tenet.
Goal oriented photography:
Our expert photographers will advise you on the kind of photography you need depending on the use. We shoot, resize and
edit images for purposes including:
- Billboards
- Websites
- Branding

Professional photography Services:
Our photography services include:
- Pre-photo shooting (arrangement and ensuring everything is in
- Actual photography shoot
- Image editing
- Image resizing

How we make our photography great:
How we make our photography great
-We visualize the shoot before it happens
- We use natural light as much as possible
- We shoot in raw to ensure the best flexibility and editing
- We shoot straight to align vertically with walls
- We make room by shooting through doors and make room

Types of photography:
Smart City Solution ICT provides various types of photography including:
- Interior
- Architectural (outside buildings)
- Panoramic for 247 virtual tours
- Aerial