3D Modeling and Animation

3D Modeling and Animation Are you selling real estate off plan? Are you selling houses that are not yet constructed and you are wondering how to convince buy-er?
Worry no more. At Smart City Solution ICT, we help you convince clients or intended end-users make sales faster by developing
interractive 3D animation to showcase property or sell concepts. All the components of 3D modeling service such as 3D models,
3D animation process as well as 3D modeling software are of high quality.
As the experts in 3D modeling and animation in Afghanistan, converge professionalism, high quality and cost.

Thematic Areas of Expertise

Our main area of expertise in 3D modeling include:
- 3D animation videos
- Interior and Exterior modeling

Target Client
After a qualitative research in the market, 3d modelling animation is good for:
- Developers who want to sell houses off-plan
- Architects who would like to show clients how models of buildings
- Engineers who would like to show how projects would look like when complete
- National and county governments who want to animate city or town master plans
- Parastatals, individuals or companies that would like to sell certain concepts